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I have been finding so many great tools tonight, and not through online searches.  Those don’t necessarily always take me where I hope to go, partly because I don’t know what kind of search terms to enter — or even what questions to ask.  This evening, I ended up going down a (really good) rabbit hole after reading today’s xkcd webcomic (“A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language”).  As I often do when checking in with xkcd, I encountered a term I don’t know (“DRM”), looked it up on wikipedia (it stands for “Digital Rights Management”) and had suddenly found a set of terms describing a whole range of intellectual and aesthetic property issues I think are interesting and important.

The xkcd comic also sent me to a site called Free Culture News, and from there I found tons of great links and tools and resources, only some of which I’ve had a chance to explore so far.

Particularly interesting for our purposes, though, is the Free Software Directory with pages for games and education.  In particular, I noticed a few different links to tools, programs, platforms, whatevers for designing your own games.  Sweet!

I also came across an Online Educational Resource (OER) Handbook for educators on WikiEducator.  Among other things, it has a whole page of search engines for OERs.  Double sweet!


2 Responses to Cool stuff

  1. avaerickson says:

    Lisa, Thanks for all the great resources! I will check those out–especially the Free Software Directory and OER Handbook. I’m familiar with xkcd and in fact used one of his particularly mathy comics in class (see

  2. ditto.

    DRM is certainly an interesting topic; there are so many intense opinions on the subject! Again, I see that native/non-native divide on the subjects of copyright, authorship, ownership etc. I especially think the militant freedom mentality is interesting: those who claim a moral right to free software. As I’ve mentioned before, it will be fascinating to see how these ideas shift as the native generation becomes adults and is socially legitimized.

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